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Here at Not Sorry Magazine, we understand that honesty is the best policy. We strive to be transparent with our readers. If there is a question you have that you don't see here, shoot us a message on our contact page! We'll be happy to answer your questions. 

Why “Not Sorry”?

Because this is a magazine for the unapologetic women out there. For the women that want to share their experience and stories in order to empower other women. For the women that are Not Sorry!


Who can write articles for Not Sorry Magazine?

Any one of our readers is welcome to submit pitches and drafts at with the subject line Not Sorry Pitch. We want to encourage strong women to share their stories and outlooks with other strong women.

How do you choose articles to put on the website?

Each article is carefully read by our editors before choosing whether or not it gets posted to the website. We make sure all our articles align with our feminist message and do not spread hate, lies, or negativity about other women.


What kind of articles are you looking for?

We are looking for uplifting, empowering articles that spread a message of inclusivity and awareness. We are looking for stories, interviews, reviews, and shared knowledge.


Do you pay writers when you publish their articles?

At this time we are a contribution based magazine. If you have something you would like to share and are looking to build a writing portfolio, send us your pitch or draft at with the subject line Not Sorry Pitch!

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